To join our wonderful and ever growing community of e-NABLE volunteers who are using their 3D printers to create free devices for children and adults with upper limb differences, please fill out our new member form and we can get you on your way to being matched with someone in need! Please keep in mind that we currently have more volunteers than we have recipients waiting and it may be weeks or months before you are matched with an individual. We do, however, ask for large numbers of hands to be printed from time to time, in order to send to events that help teach others how to make the hands or to locations where clinics want to fit them to their patients in a shoe store-type model. We will put a call out to makers for those types of events!

We recommend getting familiar with the stable designs that the community has produced by printing and assembling some test hands from the Upper Limb Devices Page. Once you have filled out the intake form and familiarized yourself with the community and designs, we ask that you send in a sample hand for QC before we match you with a recipient.

If you have filled out the form, submitted all of the information needed to get started, and are ready for creating your test hand, please visit our Test Hand Submission Form.

We also have some wonderful activity going on in our forums if you have questions about 3D printers of files, if you have other technical questions, or if you need help with anything else!

You can also check out our Calendar of Events.  You’ll find plenty of opportunities for collaboration and service, and we’ll follow up with suggestions.


Please join the e-NABLE Educators’ Exchange – e3STEAM!